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Other Worlds

During the last 20 years Beraldo created, developed and contributed with dozens of Fictional Worlds and Intellectual Properties for game studios around the World. 

Here are some of these projects.



Laicus (2016)  - Currently in Portuguese only

During a night he wish he could forget, portuguese priest Bernardo commits sacrilege in the name of Queen Dona Maria I. Upon arriving in 1811 Rio de Janeiro, Bernardo discovers that the secrets of a colony turned into the kingdom's capital go beyond the mundane, and that the night is ruled by unsettling entities of mysterious origin.


Taikodom: Despertar (2008)  - Currently in Portuguese only

150 years after a deadly plague killed most of Earth's population, two awakened pilots are forced to adapt to a future controlled by megacorporations, stumbling upon a conspiracy that may very well destroy what remains of Humankind.

Tie-in novel to the Taikodom MMORPG.


Video Games


Profane (in development)

A Inquisição destruiu a magia e derrubou os antigos impérios. Agora é a vez para um novo poder surgir em Semisus, e você está no controle.

MMORPG Open World Sandbox PvP Full Loot.


Venturion VR (2018) - Currently in Portuguese only

Experiência em Hiperrealidade, onde o jogador usa aparelhos VR misturado ao um ambiente com objetos reais e simulados.

Sob contrato para a Tapps Games.


Anger VR (2017)

VR game where you have to deal with the orders of an abusive and paranoid Artificial Intelligence while trapped in a spaceship in a retro future.

Under contract to Black River Studios


Mine Quest 2 (2016)

RPG lite with puzzle elements and resource management, explore a fantastic world in search of the secrets of an ancient lost kingdom.

Under contract to Tapps Games.


Mistério dos Sonhos (2013) - Currently in Portuguese only

Jogo de puzzle para crianças, focado em dar suporte ao ensino escolar através da narrativa de cinco mundos fantásticos onde o jogador é o protagonista.

Sob contrato para a Xmile Learning


Flying Kingdoms (2012)

RPG lite with city building elements, a fantastic adventure through floating worlds. Each island hides a new story.

Under contract to Vostu.


Taikodom: Consortium (2008)

Awakened into the future by a coalition of megacorporations, the survivors of a wasteland must choose between fighting for their guardians or denying themselves against the system.

MMO Space Yes

Role Playing Games


Fragmentos de Sonhos, Lascas de Realidade (2020) - Currently in Portuguese only

As a young man disappears in an artists' colony in Indiana, investigators head to a hippie community he was supposed to have found refuge at.

A Trail of Cthulhu adventure.


A Última Risada (2020) - Currently in Portuguese only

When an emerald mine is attack and captured by gnolls, adventuers are called to deal with the monsters. It would be a simple quest if not for the gnolls' strange behaviour.

An adventure for the 5th edition of the World's most played RPG.


Espólios do Imperador Deposto (2020) - Currently in Portuguese only

Following the depositon of the Brazilian Emperor and the Proclamation of the Republic, two army officers disappear in the now-vacant Imperial Manor at Rio de Janeiro, possibly connected to Emperor Dom Pedro II's mysterious collection of antiques.

A Trail of Cthulhu adventure.


The Legend of the Golden Condor (2019)

A party of adventurers is hired to rescue a portuguese nobleman gone missing in Colonial Brazil's forests in search of the Holy Grail.

An Elephant & Macaw Banner adventure.

Available at DrivethruRPG.

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