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Eternal Kingdoms

What if an ancient African empire ruled by a living god expanded across the Mediterranean and changed the status quo of the world?

Award-winning fantasy series set in a world of gods, magic and heroes, inspired by non-European cultures and myths.



Império de Diamante (2015) - Currently in Portuguese only

The Living God has fallen, the Empire is shattered, and maybe this is the ideal moment for a group of rebels, mercenaries and revolutionaries tochange Myambe by revealing the secrets of the Empire.

Argos Award winner for Best Speculative Fiction Novel of 2015.


Último Refúgio (2016) - Currently in Portuguese only

In a city where dreams and nightmares share the street with war refugies and creatures created in labs, a rebellion is about to explode, and it may mean the end of everything Kasim and Vema Thevar have been fighting for.

Argos Award finalist for Best Speculative Fiction Novel of 2016.


God Kings of Niparsha

During her research in the Great Academy of Niparsha, Agatha unearths unsettling truths about the official history on how Lord Kidane liberated Valmedor from the clutches of the gods. The discovery of an ancient tomb may be the last clue to reveal a thousand years old conspiracy, and facts the most powerful city-state of Valmedor would rather keep forgotten.


Storm Queen of Narkeasha (release date 2022)

When the rains fails to reach Narkeasha, Savuri decides to cross the desert and confront the Storm Queen. On her epic journey, she meets a jealous god, mythic creatures, proud warriors and the story of a friendship gone sour.

Short Stories


Contos de Myambe (2020) - Currently in Portuguese only

Contos de Myambe (Tales from Myambe) is a return to the world of 2016 Argos Award winner Império de Diamante, bringing five short stories told through the eyes of different people whose lives were changed by the living god's unstoppable expansion and the events on the novel's first few pages.

Inspired by Africa's many myths and cultures.


A Voz de G'ganch (2017) - Currently in Portuguese only

During his escape from Myambe, Kasim is forced to stop at a wild island under the control of the Trade Company, where he must make a deal with the natives. What he forgot to ask was why would the Company send a mercenary to negotiate with the locals.

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