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João Marcelo Beraldo is a Game Designer and Writer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1979), but a nomad by nature, he has lived in several cities in Brazil and in Portugal, and now lives in Singapore.

He began his career as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator while still a teenage, and kept to it until deciding to become a writer in 2004, after having the idea of a space opera world inspired by Star Wars, Firefly and Cowboy Bebop. Back then he already used his spare time to work on video games and roleplaying games, speaking at Universities around Brazil about game design.

He became a full-time Game Designer in 2007, after a freelance work as a writer for the Taikodom MMORPG landed him a job at Hoplon Studios. He has since worked on projects for studios in Brazil, Canada, USA and Europe, designing game content, intellectual properties and game mechanics.

He is a Senior Game Design at Ubisoft Singapore, working on the Assassin's Creed series, but sometimes has time to keep working on side projects in his own universes.



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