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Veil of Truth

In the future, we are not alone. We are a species in extinction.

Veil of Truth is a space opera universe created in 2004 for the novel Véu da Verdade, published originally in Portuguese, and expanded into several short stories, video games and RPGs.



Véu da Verdade (2005) - Currently in Portuguese only

All the crew of Lucille was looking for was enough credits to keep on flying, but a trip to a savage world turns upside down when a mysterious bounty hunter decides to hunt them down.


Jogos de Guerra (2019) - Currently in Portuguese only

When a megacorp buys the city of Kinshasa and expels its inhabitants, the Congo Basin becomes a powder keg ready to unleash World War Three. A squadron of latin and african pilots is formed to disarm the time bomb before it is too late.


Video Games


Strike Squadron: Caracará (2014)

During an anti-piracy operation in the Main Asteroid Belt, Southern Alliance's Caracará squadron is forced to fight overwhelming odds as an unknown force armed with highly advanced technology tries to claim the sector.


Veiled Space: The Belt (to be released in 2023)

Chaos returns to the Main Asteroid Belt as a belter coalition with Martian support blocks Earth's access to the valuable natural resources of Saturn, forcing the United Nations of Earth to act.

Role Playing Games


Veil of Truth Campaign Primer (2020)

Free ebook adapting the Veil of Truth universe to Paizo's Starfinder RPG, offering new character options, optional rules and an introductory adventure to present a new party to a space opera universe where technology replaces magic and adventures lay in every corner.


Veil of Truth Fallen Empire (2020)

Even before humans left their caves, star empires fought a war for the Milky Way. Fallen Empires offers information on the Meridath Empire and the Coregency of Celon, three new playable races, new ships, description about the Vega star system and the Exploratory Corps, as well as the tools to create exploration adventures, ultratechnological artifacts and mysterious creatures.

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