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Dialogue for narrative-driven hidden object game Pearl's Perils

Dialogue for a comedy platformer game for ZeptoLab

Script for VR retro scifi horror Angest for Black River Studios

Campaign Primer eBook for the Veil of Truth universe for the Starfinder RPG

Chapter from my novel God Kings of Niparsha

In-game examples

Early gameplay MineQuest 2. I was responsible for developing the original concept of a fantasy game about mining dwarves into an IP, creating characters, rules of magic, villains, items and creatures.

I was also responsible for writing all texts and narrative design of the game, including Onboarding, seen here.


Gameplay of VR game Angest. I was one of the writers responsible for the original concept of a cosmonaut cat trapped in a retrofuturistic spaceship with a soviet HAL 9000 suffering from a severe case of empty nest syndrome.

I wrote many of the game's lines, as well as designed some of the puzzles.


Announcement trailer of the MMORPG Profane's largest content update during pre-Alpha. I was the Lead Game Designer.

I was responsible for creating the game world and many of its locations. I also wrote the script for this trailer, working directly with Marketing to make it happen.


Introduction trailer of MMO space sim Taikodom: Consortium, focused on explaining the background of a future Earth ravashed by an alien virus, seamlessly leading into the player's character creation as one of the many survivors rescued from Earth in cryogenic stasis.

I was responsible for taking the original IP and giving the players a role, identity and objective in the story, including writing branching missions, characters, locations and in-game events.


Intro trailer of MMO space sim Taikodom's first major content update, Living Universe, presenting the move forward in the game's story as Consortium took control of the Solar System (told through game events and my novel Taikodom: Despertar). In Living Universe, the conflict shifts to Barnard's Star, as ancient alien ruins are located.

I was responsible for the whole time period and game content, as well as many of the dynamic events that were later added to the game.

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