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A fantastic city where dreams, lives and plans of existence are controlled


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Meet Last Refuge, remnant city of an eternal kingdom that once conquered entire worlds but now crumbles every day. Ruled by a caste of beings capable of incredible feats through magic, it attracts the interest of refugees from the war against the Diamond Empire and the greedy Mercantile Company of Valmedor.


Amidst this social chaos, Vema Thevar, trained in the panjek art of Mind, is hired by an aristocrat to create perfect dreams. Meanwhile, Captain Kasim, who has just returned from the war, investigates a rebellion brewing among the city's malcontents. If you don't resolve the insurgency before it explodes, the Company will give the order to start a massacre.

In this fantastic world based on African and Indian cultures, author JM Beraldo will lead the two protagonists through a plot between powerful people who only want to guarantee their privileges. What neither of them knows is that their stories are not isolated, but linked by a conspiracy that will change the world forever.

last refuge

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