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Winner of the 2016 Argos Award for Best Fantastic Fiction!


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An Emperor has reigned supreme for centuries, but every dynasty comes to an end.


Meet o Diamond Empire: an eternal kingdom that conquered and suppressed various cultures of Myambe, the original continent of Humanity. Protected by an army with incredible powers, the Emperor rules wisely and some say he can bestow supernatural talents on anyone he wishes.


But now its downfall seems inevitable. Twenty years after the last conquest, nobody knows about the Emperor. The government slowly abandons the most distant provinces to the mercy of an overwhelming drought. The people beg for help, but there is no help.


In the midst of the crisis, four individuals with different goals end up involved in a plot that could reveal the secrets of this powerful man. In this fantastic world based on African cultures, author JM Beraldo explores the construction of History and religious belief through the trajectory of this quartet. Forced to depend on each other to achieve their ends, what will be the role of this unusual group in the history of the Diamond Empire?

diamond empire

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