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Year 2143 - Kinshasa, former Democratic Republic of Congo

Guerrillas armed with ultra-advanced alien technology use a popular uprising to attack the corporate city of Kinshasa, igniting a powder keg that could plunge Africa into unprecedented conflict.

Knowing the risks for their allies, the government of Brazil and the Southern Alliance decide to send a multinational expeditionary force to contain the problem. A squadron of Latino and African pilots is formed under the command of Major Ferreira, hero of the Battle of the Amazon, survivor, father.

Ferreira will have to deal with the conflicts between his new pilots and his own war trauma as he tries to unravel who is arming the guerrillas before the European Union decides to intervene with extreme force.

Wargames is a military space opera full of adventure, good humor and action, part of the Veil of Truth multimedia universe, which already has books, short stories, RPGs and video games.

The book is a standalone story that can be read without prior knowledge of the other works.

War games

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