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God Kings of Niparsha

A thousand years after the murdering of Gods and Magic, the discovery of an ancient tomb triggers a deadly curse in a clockwork city built upon lies.

All Agatha ni Lubi-Mauri wanted was the respect of her fellow Historians, but as she stumbles upon inconsistencies in the official history of Niparsha's founding heroes, she will soon find herself delving into the city's underworld, both literally and metaphorically, in the company of grave robbers, hitmen, mercenaries and bounty hunters.

Soon the first body is found, murdered, and the situation grows more complicated as a stranger with a mysterious past arrives in town.

Novels in Other Languages

Diamond Empire

A mercenary joins forces with a holy warrior, a disgruntled general and a teenager touched by the spirits to learn the secret of the Living God and tear down his empire.


Shadows and Echoes

A historian with the power to see the past and a mercenary who can't hold his liquor are forced to investigate a murder, and stumble upon a conspiracy about ancient gods and lost dynasties


Veil of Truth

We are not alone. Worse: we are the scum of the Known Galaxy.

Meet the crew of Lucille as they travel the Free March in search of the next job, while a mysterious bounty hunter chases them at every turn.


Taikodom: Awakening

Two pilots are rescued from a dying Earth in hibernation and awake 150 years in a future where megacorporations control space, the line between technology and humans is blurry, and death is just a temporary nuisance.


Last Haven

A woman capable of weaving dreams and a city guard who hates his job must uncover a brewing rebellion in a city of magic and constructs before the arriving of the Wandering Town.


Ocean of a Thousand Gods

Five short stories set in imagined island and the open sea. Pirates, fishfolk, escaped nightmares, ancient gods and living myths cross paths in a world of adventure.


War Games

War brews in the former nation of Congo as a megacorporation purchase Kinshasa. In an attempt to prevent all-out war, Latin American and African countries form a peacekeeping task force lead by a multinational fighter squadron. But aliens may have their own plans.



1811 - Following the Portuguese Queen's orders, a priest dessecrated a noble's crypt, steals his diary and escapes Napoleon's armies to the distant colony of Rio de Janeiro. He then finds himself forced to survive court schemes, rebellion, heresy, and the Great Old Ones.


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